Choose Wisely Program
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Choose Wisely Program
Dr. Ron Mottern on the "Judy in the Morning" show, discussing the Choose Wisely: Cognitive Behavioral Substance Abuse Intervention Program and Cognitive Education and Restructuring Programs. Dr. Mott...
Choose Wisely is an eight session, cognitive behavioral substance abuse intervention curriculum. Choose Wisely is based in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy and guides the users through exercises to make better choices in their lives.  
The program, Choose Wisely, was designed for and successfully implemented in a residential treatment program for substance abusing felons operating as a modified therapeutic community for incarcerated, adult offenders. Feedback about Choose Wisely from clients who completed the program (approximately 200 individuals) was overwhelmingly favorable. Comments from clients indicated that they found the lessons on Basic Needs and problem solving especially helpful. Classes were conducted for one hour per week, one time per week. The program has been continuously running since that time. Since the introduction of Choose Wisely into correctional practice in 2002, it has received praise from both correctional clients and staff in a variety of venues somewhat different than its original setting. 
Choose Wisely was implemented and taught for four years in outpatient treatment for adult, repeat felony offenders court-ordered to community supervision. Approximately 200 individuals were exposed to the program during this time. Evaluations of the program received from participants (anonymously submitted) were over 90% positive. Negative comments were of a general nature (e.g., being coerced to attend any program) and not specific to Choose Wisely.  
The program was also implemented in a county jail. Participants were both male and female volunteers (in different classes) who received no direct advantages for their participation, e.g., they were not promised time off of their sentence for participation in the program.  Feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly favorable. Negative comments were primarily focused on a lack of individual time with the instructors (Learners said that they wanted but did not have individual time with the Instructors). Individual counseling, however, is not a part of the Choose Wisely program. These comments were unique to the jail program and were not a part of the feedback from residential treatment and outpatient treatment groups.  
Choose Wisely was also presented to educators at the Breaking Tradition 2012 online conference sponsored by Albemarle County (VA) Public Schools, Blackboard and the William Glasser Institute. I have since corresponded with educators who were interested in implementing the Choose Wisely program in their countries.
Trainings, Certification classes and Train the Trainer classes are available!!!
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