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Stress affects us in many harmful ways.

  • Stress can reduce brain cell branching, affecting learning and memory.

  • Stress suppresses the immune system, increasing susceptibility to viruses and bacteria (including bacteria that causes ulcers).

  • Stress may increase blood pressure, contributing to atherosclerosis and the possibility of heart attack and stroke.

  • Stress increases fat retention on the body, contributing to diabesity.

  • Stress contributes to advanced telomere degeration, causing increased aging.

  • Stress decreases dopamine binding causing feelings of depression.

Dr. Mottern's Stress Buster Program uses Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral skills, Energy Psychology, and nutritional supplements to reduce stress and help you live a balanced and productive life. 

Hypnosis - The brain learns in various ways. From birth until somewhere between the ages of 5-9, we learn via unconscious assimilation. That is, we pick things up implicitly, through our interactions with others. This is a function of the subconscious mind. Often, what we pick up are bad habits that lead to stress and sickness. Hypnosis, and self-hypnosis, use the subconscious to reprogram your brain for optimal wellness.

Cognitive Behavioral Skills - These skills include practices such as vagal nerve stimulation through diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness, and guided visualization. Another way the brain learns is through habituation. CBT skills are practiced to create a lifestyle of stress management. It also includes another powerful skill, cognitive restructuring, which helps modify our belief systems that are often at the root of our stress.

Energy Psychology - A new sub-field within Psychology, Energy Psychology includes evidence-based practices such as EFT taping skills and qigong to bring both mind and body into allignment.

Nutritional Supplements - Nikken Wellness products are a way to achieve and maintain optimal nutritional health. We cannot get the vitamins and minerals we need from the food we eat. Everyone needs nutritional supplements. Apart from the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals, Nikken offers other health aids such as the nootrpic Clarityand Immunity for maximum mental and physical health.  

All Stress Buster clients receive a personalized stress management treatment plan to address your individual needs. 

For those interested in a more martial approach to stress management, please see our Iaido/Kendo Stress Management program.   

You should always check with your physician before beginning any nutritional or exercise program.  

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