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Gojutoshin Ryu Martial Arts

What is Gojutoshin Ryu?

Gojutoshin Ryu – The School of the Hard-Soft Mind-Sword

The Way is to breath both HARD and SOFT.

Outside the MIND, there is no SWORD.

Gojutoshin Ryu is a modern system, incorporating sword techniques from Hanguk Haedong Kumdo, empty hand and kobudo (traditional weapons) techniques primarily from Goju Ryu Karate, energy building techniques from China, Japan, and Korea, and WARRIOR MIND TRAINING.  

Why should I choose Gojutoshin Ryu?

Gojutoshin Ryu is INDIVIDUALIZED training to the desires/goals of each practitioner, and training is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Everyone begins martial arts training for different reasons. Some may be interested only in empty hand kata (forms) while others are more interested in self-defense applications. Some want to train in kobudo kata, while others prefer sparring. Others are attracted to the more martial aspects of sword training and the many mind-body benefits it provides. Some are interested in health and wellness aspects, and prefer energy work, or the Stress Management Program using iaido/kendo. Some want to train as a family, while others are interested only in one-on-one work with the instructor, and others prefer a group training experience.

Practitioners may choose to train in any area of the system:

  • Empty hand kata

  • Self-defence training

  • Kobudo kata

  • Kobudo sparring

  • Iaido

  • Kenjutsu

  • Sport kendo

  • Energy work for health and wellness

  • Warrior Mind Training 

Why train with Instructor Mottern?

Instructor Mottern has trained in the martial arts for over 30 years. He holds Dan ranking in both Goju Ryu Karate and Haedong Kumdo. Instructor Mottern has published articles on martial arts in various martial arts publications, including Taekown Do Times, Black Belt Magazine, Traditional Karate Magazine, and the award winning encyclopedias, Martial Arts of the World: An Encyclopedia (2 vols.) and Martial Arts of the World: An Encyclopedia of History and Innovation (2 vols.) He is also the author of Mastering the Way: Achieving Success in Martial Arts Training.   

Mastering the Way: Achieving Success in Martial Arts Training

Do you run a martial arts school? Would you like to 1. Boost student retention, 2. Increase student motivation, and 3. Create dedicated martial arts students for life? If so, then consider our progr...

Here is a sample of a weekly vlog for Gojutoshin Ryu Online Dojo

Weekly Vlog Gojutoshin Ryu Online Dojo 12.9.19

This week, Dr. Mottern looks at the skills of diaphragmatic breathing and uses of EFT. These skills are also covered in his books, Living Well: A Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Skills Exercises, and b...

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